I had a bilateral knee replacement done At Lancaster hospital on Friday 19 January 2018. Operation went well and I can't believe how fast I recovered. 
Three days in hospital and I was walking without any aids after three weeks. No pain in my knees when I was walking and back in the gym also after three weeks with the approval of my physio. Never looked back since day one I wish I had the operations earlier. Mr Dawson was confident my operations would be successful and it has been much better than I expected. I think keeping my fitness up before the operations (I could not walk any distance without pain) but could cycle and use the rowing machine in my gym and using light weights helped. I would recommend this operation to anyone that has the same problems I had.

Liz Jackson

When I first met Matt Dawson I was in a great deal of pain, after sustaining an injury on a long distance cycle route. I had expected him just to operate to repair the tear in my knee, so I was surprised when he asked me about my lifestyle. Aged 61 and with progressive osteoarthritis, I was resigned to eventually having to give up the fell walking and cycling that I enjoy so much.

I had been told on many occasions that the pain and stiffness in my knee was wear and tear and an inevitable part of ageing and that nothing could be done, apart from pain relief and an eventual knee replacement. So it was refreshing to meet Matt, for whom age is no barrier to resolving these problems. He recognises that many older people live active lives and want to continue to do so for many years to come.

As well as sorting out my injury, Matt offered to extend the life of my knee by performing an Osteotomy. By realigning the bone and straightening my slightly knock kneed leg, he explained that there would be less pressure on my arthritic knee and this would enable me to continue to have an active lifestyle for many years to come.

The operation was a complete success and I am now pain free and able to resume all my previous sporting activities with vigour! At 61 I have been given a new lease of life, thanks to Matt’s pioneering work and holistic view of his patients.

Alice Rosser
Age 61 years
Distal Femoral Osteotomy (DFO) on 14th July 2017

Feb 2018

I just thought you might like to know how successful the ACL graft was after my ski accident last year. I had the opp at the end of April. I am just on my way back from 4 great days skiing in the alps. I am still doing physio and exercises and am not 100% yet but am well on the way

Thanks to your work am well on the way

Will Ripley

"Dear Mr Dawson
Just dropping a quick email to let you know I am fit and well following my 12 week recovery period after my knee surgery. I have great extension in my knee and I look forward now to painless activities in the future. I'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone concerned with my care. You are all truly wonderful. Huge thanks everybody.
Tracy Foster
Special thanks for Mr Dawson's secretary for her kindness."

Apr 2017

"Following knee surgery performed by Mr Matt Dawson at the end of September 2014, I have over the bank holiday weekend, 28th & 29th May, completed 53 miles of a 67 mile sponsored walk from Cumberland Infirmary to Freeman Hospital Newcastle following Hadrians Walk. I would appreciate it if Mr Dawson could be made aware of this and could you please pass on my heart felt appreciation to Mr Dawson and his team for the excellent work they do and for giving me back my quality of life. I had no pain in the knee over the two days and it is the best it has been for approximately 20 years. Once again thank you so much Mr Dawson you are an amazing surgeon."

Sponsored Walk

"I had no pain in the knee over the two days and it is the best it has been for approximately 20 years."

Mr Dawson you are an amazing surgeon.

Mr Dawson We have kept in contact over the last four years and at times I’ve had some levels of discomfort with my knee but I’ve now learned how to manage my physical activities and know when and when not to rest. Anyway to the point,

On Sunday I completed the Lakeland Trail challenge Coniston marathon…...Not only that, but I actually won the event!!!

Given where I was I can’t thank you enough for the quality of life you have afforded me. I’m planning competing in the Lakeland ultra 110 K at the start of July, please feel free to share with any of your patients, who may have some reservations to having this procedure, I highly recommend it once again a really big thank you.


"During the Grand Masters (Over 60’s) Hockey World Cup in 2014 my left knee was swelling badly after each game and severely affecting my performance. It was painful and needed constant icing and attention. It felt like my career was over.

Matt was very reassuring and I completely trusted him to do whatever needed doing. Post Operation I read so many negative comments about Micro Fracture on various Knee Forums I was a little worried that I might not make a full recovery and be able to play again. I followed the rehabilitation process to the letter and six months after my operation I played my first game. My knee feels completely normal now and this Summer, exactly a year since my operation, I played for England in the European Championships. Six games in seven days and the knee was perfect. The Cumbrian Knee Clinic have been hugely impressive and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Jeff Jackson Thank you."

Jeff Jackson

"I had been struggling with knee problems for as long as I remember. The work you have done on my knees has really changed my life. Felicity aged 26years"


"Thought you might like to see the Offloader getting the full treatment on holiday recently. Worked really well and was pain free playing for over an hour ( suffered a bit afterwards though ). Also works very well in daily activities."


Matt Dawson is a Specialist Knee Surgeon with over 16 years Consultant experience. Matt is internationally renowned as one of the leading authorities on knee realignment surgery

  • Specialist Knee Surgeon

  • Over 16 years Consultant experience

  • Internationally Recognised

  • Patient Centric Approach

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